How to make money online with artificial intelligence in 2023/2024

How to make money online with artificial intelligence in 2023/2024
So almost every corporate channel on YouTube has been sounding the alarm about how AI is going to eradicate everything and that basically we’re all wrong and they’re all wrong. Well, more or less. There are therefore three fundamental elements that we really need to understand in order not to be left behind when it comes to artificial intelligence.
First, there is the AI ​​revolution. Second, we need to discuss how this will actually impact the real world.Third, you need to understand how you can actually make money with AI.
Here’s the problem. When we look back through history, every twist has improved what existed. For example, I want to talk about the plow, which simply made farming easier; This did not eradicate the principles of agriculture itself.
In both cases, the press facilitated access to information and the impact was enormous, but it did not change the information itself.I mean, even the internet has basically enabled the expansion of physical activity to anyone with an internet connection.
But what is different about artificial intelligence? Because it. You see, for the first time in history, AI has created something that is generally unique to humans, namely abilities. What most people don’t really understand is that artificial intelligence has been around for many, many years.
We’re only starting to hear about it now, or more precisely, as of November 30, 2022, we’re really starting to hear about it. That’s because access to artificial intelligence is now democratized thanks to tools like ChatGPT, and that’s a very big change because now everyone can use artificial intelligence to their advantage or disadvantage, depending on what skills they have and whether he knows how to handle it and use it.
Now ChatGPT can perform almost any task, and that’s pretty impressive. But what we really need to keep an eye on is the speed at which artificial intelligence is evolving. In engineering, there is a law called Moore’s Law, which states that the number of transistors on a microchip doubles every two years, or to put it more simply, the performance of a computer increases exponentially.
When you combine this exponential growth rate with AI models that can learn on their own, the possibilities are truly endless. However, ChatGPT’s biggest limitation currently isn’t the technology or learning models themselves; It is our ability to ask him questions. In other words: We are currently the biggest bottleneck.
Now another very important question, especially depending on your conspiracy mentality, is how AI is actually managed. Because there is no doubt that artificial intelligence offers enormous opportunities, but also enormous challenges.
I mean, some of the world’s most prominent leaders have been warning about the dangers of artificial intelligence for a long time. ChatGPT’s OpenAI CEO said: “Some robots will kill some people.” So now they have some understanding for those who may not have understood what it was or where it came from.
Now let’s talk about the real application. It’s really important to separate the short-term effects from the long-term. Because the fact is that we don’t know where AI will be in 10 years. Maybe it kills people, maybe it doesn’t.
So instead of speculating, which I personally never like to do when it comes to technology, why do some people have a vision that by 2035 we’ll all be flying in cars and have spaceships implanted in our brains and things like that? I just find it too difficult to predict these things.Instead, I prefer to analyze the short-term future.
Will everything crash and burn by then? NO. But will some people be replaced? Absolutely. Are there things you can do to ensure they don’t get replaced or become obsolete?100%. Because honestly, if you know how to use AI correctly, you have the chance to become more valuable than ever. And I will share it with you in just a few moments.
However, we must ask ourselves the question: Who will be replaced by artificial intelligence? It’s funny because a few years ago everyone thought that if robots or artificial intelligence became commonplace, manual labor would be the first resort.As they are replaced, AI will be used in more white-collar jobs and eventually take over the creative industries.
However, it appears that this order has actually been repealed. In other words, what once seemed unthinkable is now happening in real time. AI is actually outperforming humans at what was once thought to be more human creativity. And in fact, just a few months ago we saw artificial intelligence winning an art competition against other humans.
There are tons of AI ventures here, some of which try to emulate the efforts of doctors and lawyers, and ultimately, even once, we have no chance of saving time, but the probability of success is high. Think for a moment: Would you be more willing to trust a doctor specializing in artificial intelligence who has analyzed millions of cases and medical records and has access to the entire medical literature?
Or maybe just a guy who graduated from medical school before you were born and the medical industry was very, very different than it is today? So if AI can diagnose all of our ailments, it will also be able to figure out what motivates us. I mean, most people are already addicted to TikTok’s simple algorithm.
Now imagine that AI is able to personalize everything you see, not just to you, but specifically to your preferences. I mean, in theory, AI could create the perfect program for you. This way you can create the perfect ad. This can create the perfect game. In theory, this could create something specific, tailored to you, that you can stick to.
What does this mean for the rest of the staff? I won’t sugarcoat it. A lot of people are being laid off and a lot of people are being replaced. But honestly, it would have happened anyway. I mean, look around.Look at the mass layoffs, especially in tech companies, when a guy like Elon walks into headquarters one day and realizes half of you are doing nothing. So this fat reduction would have happened anyway. However, artificial intelligence has accelerated the situation and made even more jobs obsolete or unusable.
Whether you’re an employee or a business owner, what really separates those who get [__] from those who don’t is how quickly you adapt. A very similar situation was observed in 2005-2010 in terms of the speed at which people adapted to the Internet and social media.From now on, many jobs will simply disappear.
Now you can sit back and watch AI take over your work or use AI to increase your value. What do I really mean by that? You see, with AI you have all the basic knowledge and skills in the palm of your hand. Just as AI can take over your job, you can also use it to improve your job.
With this in mind, another question remains: How can AI be used to gain an advantage and make more money? You see, every time one opportunity disappears due to technological advances, another arises. But they don’t last forever, so you need to take advantage of opportunities while they still exist.
When we talk about implementing AI in your company, we are actually talking about leverage. You see, leverage is the ability to increase performance without increasing
your required contribution.The really crazy thing about AI is that it is essentially a new and free way to gain unlimited leverage.
Because you used to have to hire someone to get that leverage. I mean, that’s what I had to do when I started my first company in 2016 and hired my first employee a year later in 2017. And that allowed me to grow my first business from zero to $25,000 in a year, leveraging the influence of others.
But the absurd thing is that now everyone has this advantage.Let me show you three ways to make more money with AI. The first is the agency. Because if you run an agency, it goes without saying that AI will help you with all forms of communication. For example, let’s say you spend two hours a day writing emails.
Well, thanks to artificial intelligence, they can be written for you and all you have to do is approve them. And just like that, you’ll be spending a fraction of your time on email and can save dozens of hours over the course of a month. And those are hours you might be spending on your business, not your own. And this is really the most superficial application of artificial intelligence.
The key here really is that AI allows you to work on your business that you previously only had the luxury of doing if you had employees.So let’s dig a little deeper here. Let’s say you run a paid transportation agency. Now you can use tools like Jasper to write all your ad copy and all you have to do is test and verify it.
And the use of artificial intelligence goes far beyond writing homework. There are now programs that can create product photos and other required images for you.And it simplifies the entire process. What I mean by this is that something that once required a whole team and several days of work can now be done in just a few hours.
And of course you might say, “Oh, isn’t it sad that these people are unemployed now?” Well, these people will never be completely unemployed because there always has to be that last human handwriting, that last human touch. In this sense, these people will reposition themselves, adapt and turn to other sectors.
And just as companies use AI to reduce costs, you can use AI in your business to achieve more. This brings us to the next point, content creation. If you’re creating content or copywriting, AI essentially gives you access to an unlimited number of ideas. No more creative blocks.
You have everything you need to start the process.This means that if you are a writer, you can use AI to build a framework and structure and then fill in the gaps. And that means that if you used to only be able to serve, say, 10 customers, now you can probably serve 20 because you’re harnessing the power of AI to really help you achieve half of your goal. No more imaginary meetings. Basically, you just pick an idea and put it into action.
I mean, there’s really no excuse not to invent something new.
It just helps people get more interesting answers. There is a lot of new AI software coming out that will impact all areas of content creation. Adobe just released artificial intelligence that lets you edit photos by typing instructions.
It’s only a matter of time before the same video editing programs appear. This means that almost anyone can edit photos in ways that were previously only possible for a handful of people.And that’s pretty much all because the skill has been productized.
Now, you might be wondering, why doesn’t everyone use these tools if it’s so easy? Well, even though we have new access to information and a new skill, fundamentally, humans are still the same. And that means we’re just lazy. We’re comfortable.
And even if the Internet were not enough, we now have the so-called artificial intelligence with which we can start businesses and make money, and we can use it to the best of our ability. Most people just won’t do it. You’re too lazy. They are stuck in their habits.
This brings us to the third way to make money with artificial intelligence if you are a consultant or trainer. You see, if you are a consultant, AI can become your best friend. Microsoft also just released an AI addition to its product suite called Copilot. The workflow looks like this: Are you meeting with a client?
Well, the AI ​​will transcribe your notes for you and also provide a summary of key points and actions to take.Do you need to give a presentation? Well, AI creates PowerPoint presentations based on action points and can even customize the presentation to match your client’s branding. Do you want to do an analysis in Excel? Don’t worry, the AI ​​will do it for you too.
It used to take a few hours, a few days to do all these things, but now it can be done in a few minutes.And the consequences are almost incalculable. And it’s a golden window of opportunity that you can take advantage of before everyone notices. The best part is that these types of tools are becoming more and more common.
You may be wondering where you stand in the equation with this? This puts you in a position where supporting the relationship is most important.And if you think about it, in the end that’s exactly what all these great managers and all these people are doing.
The best entrepreneurs make diverse strategic decisions and maintain and develop relationships. This means it’s time to harness your unique human qualities and leverage the influence that AI has given you.
If you now want to better understand which business models are best suited to AI and how business will develop in 2023, take a look at the first link in the description. This is one of my most popular videos and I think it will show you the direction you want to take in 2023.
So I think this film makes you realize that you have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in front of you and that it’s up to you to decide whether you want to take advantage of it or whether you want to be decimated by it. It is your decision.
But I remind you that we live in an incredible time in the world where literally everyone can benefit by basically having AI workers for free and lowering the barrier to entry to start a business or even just rush like that is low. And the only question left in the equation is: How serious are you? Do you want to do this or are you going to do this?It is your decision.
But as always, I support you and will watch you from afar.

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