Urge to prepare for the Promised Day By (SHEIKH ABDURRAHMAN AL-SUDAIS)


Urge to prepare for the Promised Day 

I testify that there is no God but Allah and I testify that Muhammad is his servant and Messenger (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him and his family and companions), but:

Fear Allaah, and know that the happiness of this world and the hereafter is vested in faith in Allah, and adherence to his religion and good work, which achieves its owner eternal victory and eternal farmer, on the day people are divided into. 
Those whose scales are heavy, these are the successful (believers:102), and those whose scales are thin; those who lose themselves in hell will be immortal (believers:103). Fajdir. 
The believer must prepare for this difficult day with good deeds, and he will be happy with happiness after which he will never suffer, and he must take the causes of true happiness, from faith and good deeds, and make every effort. 

Modern means, to serve this origin, combine the means of earthly and eschatological happiness, and thus achieve hopes, and fix the conditions by God's permission. Do not pray on whom God has commanded you to pray on him
Allah and his angels pray over the Prophet, O you who believe, pray over him and give peace [Al-Ahzab:56]. Pray and bless our imam and Prophet Muhammad bin Abdullah, and the land of God. 

And those who follow them with charity until the day of religion, and we have mercy on them, O Most Merciful. Allah dearest to Islam and Muslims, and humiliated polytheism. 

And the polytheists, and destroy the enemies of religion, and make this country safe and secure and all the countries of Muslims, O Allah, safe in our homelands, and repair and keep our imams and governors of our affairs, O Allah, according to what pleases you, and side of them
All your sins. According to all Muslims to return to your true religion, Allah inspired them to take the causes of happiness in the immediate and future, O Lord of the worlds, O Allah and us to what you love and satisfy. 
According to the Quran a Muslim is one who has absolutely surrendered to Allah and his commands and believes in pure Tawhid (the oneness of God) that isn't tainted with any shirk and this is why the Almighty has introduced Prophet Abraham as a true. 
Your path, those who strive to be the word of Allah is the highest, and the word of those who disbelieve is the lowest, Allah is in accordance with them and help them against your enemy and their enemy, Lord of the worlds. O Allah, gather the word of Muslims on the right. 

The Lord of the worlds, our Lord, will bring us good in this world and in the hereafter. Worship of Allah: Allah commands justice, charity and the fulfillment of kin and forbids indecency and evilSo remember Allah reminds you, and thank him for his blessings, and for the remembrance of Allah is greater, and Allah knows what you eat .

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