Reasons for happiness and the way of the farmer [1] - Sheikh: Abdulrahman Al-Sudais)


Reasons for happiness and the way of the farmer [1] - Sheikh: Abdulrahman Al-Sudais)

Many people think that happiness is collecting money, owning high-rise buildings, luxury boats, and a lot of Hashem and servants, and what taught them that true happiness is by believing in Allah Almighty

And the abundance of good deeds, and other causes of happiness a lot.
False happiness

Praise be to Allah, the Falah wrote to his faithful servants, and ruled the victory for his pious party, and within the happiness of his loyal parents, I praise him and thank him, and I testify that there is no God but Allah alone has no partner, and I testify
The Prophet (PBUH) and his Prophet (PBUH), and the Prophet (PBUH), and his family and companions, and those who followed him and followed his Sunnah, and called

Invite him to the day of religion. O Muslims, fear Allaah, and if Allah's piety is the best dress and the best means to the satisfaction of the Lord. Nation of Islam: the comfort and tranquility of conscience،
The peace of mind, the serenity of the soul, the pleasure of the heart and the disappearance of its worries and cloudiness, is the highest demand and the supreme goal that everyone seeks in this life, all people seek happiness. 

And they hope for the good and the peasant, and they hope for success in all their matters. So they tried to get to this end for multiple reasons, and different means; but I continue in this requirement
So many people thought because of the inattention of their hearts, the weakness of their minds, and the superficiality of their thinking, that the peak of happiness and the peasant in obtaining
On the chances of the immediate world, and its mortal desires, and the end of their hopes, and their best wishes, to obtain abundant money and luxurious housing, and abundant boats, and elevation, jahah and fame،

And enjoy the pleasures, and entertain the cravings. It is the people who imagined that happiness, victory and the peasant, lies in the first in the fields of material progress, and the introduction of the causes of modern urbanization; so they destroyed allThey thought that by realizing them, they realized the ingredients of happiness, the reasons for progress and goodness, and claimed that these stray things

These are the pleasures and desires, the pleasures of life, the pleasures of life, the pleasures of life

It was the cause of the death of my mother before, and centuries past, and the misery and misery of my mother present, and harmony contemporary exhausted by psychological anxiety and nervous tension, and emptiness
They found no way to get rid of this unhappy life except destruction and suicide, and the truth of God Almighty: He who follows my guidance does not go astray and does not suffer. * 

On the day of the resurrection, we shall pass out [Taha:123-124].

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